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Swap Freeway Superchargers to Protect Your Retirement Savings

If you can afford some volatility in your retirement savings, you could hold some funds in a Bitcoin or Ether Supercharger. You’d enjoy up to 43% interest earnings while also seeing your assets appreciate in price.

But volatility also includes seeing your assets depreciate when the crypto market falls. You can protect yourself from those price drops, though, if you swap Freeway Superchargers.

This article outlines the process to swap between Superchargers.

Two important notes before we get into the how-to.

  • You don’t need to have funds in a Supercharger to swap into it.
  • You can do one (1) free swap per day. If you do more than one in a 24-hour period, you’ll pay a fee of 5% of the amount that you’re swapping. That’s a large fee, so plan accordingly.

How to Swap Freeway Superchargers

Click on the Swap button for the Supercharger you want to swap out of. In the screenshot below, I’m swapping out of USD.

Click the Swap button to start the swapClick on the Supercharger’s Swap button to begin the swap process.

That takes you to the Swap form on the Supercharger page.

The Swap Supercharger formThe default Swap form, with nothing filled in yet. Start by entering the amount you want to swap, in USD.

Enter the amount you want to swap. If you want to swap all of it, click on Max.

If you’re swapping from any other Supercharger (e.g., BTC, ETH, EURO), enter the amount in USD that you want to swap. Freeway will then convert that amount into the crypto or currency of the Supercharger.

For example, if you want to swap out some of your BTC Supercharger, you might enter $1,000. Freeway will then indicate in dark text how much BTC will be swapped. (See the red arrow in the screenshot below.)

The BTC Swap form, indicating the amount in BitcoinFreeway will always tell you how much of the Supercharger is equal to the amount you want to withdraw in USD. The red arrow points to the BTC amount.

Click on the Select button to choose the Supercharger that will receive the swap funds. The list of all Superchargers will appear. Scroll down to see all of them.

Click on the one that will receive your swap funds. Freeway calculates how much of that coin, token or currency will be swapped into the Supercharger.

That calculation is based on the cryptocurrency and/or fiat currency (FX) exchange rates in effect at the time of the swap.

The completed Swap formThe completed Swap form, showing how much the ETH Supercharger will receive.

Click on Swap Supercharger to complete your swap.

The swap will be almost immediate.

When you return to the dashboard, both the sending and receiving Superchargers will be updated to reflect their new holdings. If you don’t see the new numbers, wait an hour and check again.

Sleep Better at Night Knowing You Can Swap Freeway Superchargers

Now you can benefit from crypto price volatility without having to deal with the risks.

And you’ll be earning up to 43% while you’re enjoying that peace of mind.

Not a Freeway Member Yet?

If you’re not a member yet, the Freeway Supercharger Swap functionality may be what puts your mind at ease about investing in crypto.

If so, click on the button below to join.

Disclosure: If you join using the button, you’ll receive a bonus of 2% of the interest you earn, for the next two years. Freeway will also pay me for referring you.