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Hold the Freeway Token for Up to a 196% Return on Investment

If you’re on a fixed income and trying to stay ahead of inflation, Freeway is the place to hold your savings. And the Freeway Token (FWT) will help you earn up to 43% on your assets.

The Freeway base interest rate is 20%. Locking your assets in for 30 days adds 10% on top of that.

You can sign up for the weekly newsletter to receive another 3% boost.

Finally, if you own enough FWT to be worth at least 5% of the total of all the assets you have in Freeway Superchargers, you’ll receive another interest boost.

You’ll earn another 10% on USD, EURO, GBP, BTC and ETH Superchargers, and another 5% on BNB, ADA, DOT and GOLD Superchargers.

For example, if you have $1,000 in your USD Supercharger, owning just $50 of FWT will give you a 10% boost, resulting in an extra $100 per year in interest.

The Freeway Token Itself Earns Interest

On top of boosting the Supercharger rate, FWT earns an estimated 15-30% interest per year. And it’s paid to your Supercharger. (You get to choose which one it’s paid to.)

On that $50, you’d earn another $7.50 to $15.00 per year.

Own More Than 5%

The Supercharger interest rate boost comes with one important rule:

You must have a minimum of 5% of the total assets in all your Superchargers.

If your FWT total falls below the 5% floor, you lose that 10% interest boost.

Why would the Freeway Token total fall below 5%? There are a few reasons:

  • Your Supercharger earns interest, which is paid every day. If you buy exactly 5% of FWT, the next day’s interest payment would take you below the 5% minimum.
  • If you hold your assets in the Bitcoin, Ether, BNB, Cardano or Polkadot Supercharger, the price might appreciate to the point where the FWT amount (in USD) is no longer 5% of the crypto amount in USD.
  • The price of FWT is volatile. So it might go down enough (in USD) that the value of all your tokens would be less than the required 5% of Supercharger totals. A week after I bought mine, its price dropped almost 25%.
  • If you start referring people, you’ll receive an 8% bonus on the amount of interest they earn, also for a two year period. If each person invests just $1,000 at 43% interest, you’ll receive $68.80 per referral over the two years. That can add up quickly.

So Freeway recommends, and I do too, that you own 7.5% or more of FWT. That’s enough to cover the interest you’ll earn ($430 on every $1,000 in the Supercharger) in a year.

If you plan to add funds to your Supercharger throughout the year, I recommend starting with 10% or more of FWT. If you plan to add a lot to your Supercharger, go higher.

If your Supercharger starts at $1,000, and you add just $500 to it after six months, by the end of the year you’ll be below the 5% minimum even if you owned 10% FWT on day 1.

If you plan to refer a lot of people to earn that 8% bonus on the interest they receive, definitely go higher.

I knew I would be adding to my Superchargers throughout the year, so I started with almost $1,200 in FWT. Since the price has dropped, my total is now about $950.

That means I can a few thousand dollars to my Superchargers without having to worry about buying more FWT.

Freeway Token on the Dashboard

Below is a screenshot of the Freeway Token portion of my dashboard.

The Freeway Token portion of the Freeway Lite global site's dashboardThe Freeway Token portion of my dashboard, on the global site. U.S. citizens and residents don’t have access to the Deposit function on the U.S. site.

FWT Overview

In the overview, I can review the number of FWT tokens I have on deposit, the current price, and the value in USD.

Below that is the FWT Staking section. This is where I set my tokens to stake and earn an estimated 15-30%.

Unlike the Supercharger lock period, which is a rolling period, FWT staking is for a 30 calendar day period. The tokens will unstake at the end of day 30.

Keep in mind that this is a 30-day period, not a one-month period. So the staking won’t expire on the same date the following month, unless you’re staking in February.

If you want to continue earning the extra interest, reset the staking every couple of weeks.

To begin earning the extra interest, click the pink Stake for 30 Days button on the right. In the Confirmation overlay that appears, read the notice and click on Stake & Lock. The overlay will close.

The text in the FWT section of the dashboard will change, indicating when the staking period will end. You’ll also see the word ACTIVE on a pink background.

As the note indicates, you can return and reset the staking at any time before the tokens unstake.

Click on Reset Staking Period to do that. An overlay opens, requiring that you confirm that you want to stake the tokens for another 30 days.

Click the green Reset Staking Period button if you do. Click Cancel if you change your mind.

Why does it ask you to confirm?

When you stake the tokens, you don’t have access to them for the duration of the staking period.

If you decide at some point that you don’t want some or all of your tokens and want to withdraw them, you won’t be able to until the staking period ends.

Supercharger Boosted Rewards

This section tells you whether you have enough tokens to earn the 10% boost on your Supercharger interest rate. If you do, you’ll see the word ACTIVE on a pink background.

Purchase, Deposit, Withdraw

In the top right of the Freeway Token portion of the dashboard are the buttons to Purchase, Deposit and Withdraw FWT tokens.

If you’re using the U.S. site (you’re a U.S. citizen or a resident of the U.S.), you won’t see the Deposit button.

Click here to learn how to buy Freeway tokens on the U.S. or global app.

Click here for information about depositing FWT tokens on the global app.

And click here when you want to withdraw some of your tokens from either app.

FWT Annual Rewards

Click on the gear icon to assign your FWT interest payments to the Supercharger of your choice. In the overlay that opens, click on the desired Supercharger.

Supercharger options for where FWT interest rewards are paid toClick on the Supercharger you want to have receive the interest you earn on your Freeway Tokens. You don’t need to have any funds in the Supercharger to receive interest from the tokens.

The Freeway Token — Helping You Maintain Your Retirement Lifestyle

For such a small investment, the FWT token packs a big punch. With a 10% boost on Supercharger interest rates, and interest paid on the tokens themselves, your Freeway Token investment can pay for itself in less than a year.

If you’re not yet a Freeway member, and what you’ve learned about the Freeway Token has piqued your interest (no pun intended), click the button below to start earning way more than the rate of inflation.

Disclosure: If you join using the button, you’ll receive a bonus of 2% of the interest you earn, for the next two years. Freeway will also pay me for referring you.