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Freeway Superchargers — Your Crypto Fast Lane to Inflation Protection

Earning interest on crypto is essential if you want to keep pace with inflation and flourish during retirement.

Freeway Superchargers let you gain on inflation, not just keep up.

This article covers what Superchargers are, and how to start earning as much as 43% APY interest on your assets.

What Are Freeway Superchargers?

Because of Freeway’s unique structure, it holds assets you deposit in a segregated client account. It then creates a “simulant” to act as a proxy for your assets.

Each Supercharger is a simulant. There are eight Superchargers (with three more being added in 2022). I’ll use the USD Supercharger in this article, since all eight work the same way.

Each day that you have assets in a Supercharger, you earn interest on that total. The interest is calculated and applied daily, although it’s added in increments to your account throughout the day.

In a new account, all the Superchargers are empty. They’ll look like this:

Freeway Superchargers in the dashboardThe Freeway dashboard displays the Superchargers available to you. If you’re using the U.S. site, you will not see the BNB, ADA, GOLD or DOT Superchargers.

In the screenshot above, you see only the EURO, GBP, CAD and AUD Superchargers in the Most Popular Superchargers section. That’s because I’ve deposited assets into the USD, BTC and ETH Superchargers.

Important Note for U.S. Citizens / Residents

You have to use a different Freeway web app, which has only the five Superchargers in the Most Popular section. You do not have access to the BNB, ADA, GOLD and DOT Superchargers.

Everything else about Superchargers is the same as it is on the global web app.

Each Supercharger row begins with the icon pair, then the name, followed by the Annual Rewards rate (what Freeway calls the APY, or annual percentage yield). Next is the Exchange Rate (everything is quoted in USD), then a Buy button.

Because each Supercharger is a simulant, you buy it rather than trade it. You deposit your crypto assets into Freeway to complete the purchase. Freeway then creates the simulant for you.

When you want to withdraw funds from your account, you first sell some or all of your simulant. Freeway then removes that amount of simulant and sends you the equivalent in the crypto you want.

The screenshot below shows my Superchargers. I’ve hidden the amounts for privacy purposes.

My Superchargers displays the ones I've usedOnce you purchase a Supercharger, it appears in the My Superchargers section of the dashboard, along with related information.

The Annual Rewards column now displays the actual daily interest rate I’m earning (.098041%), which comes to 43% if it’s compounded for a full year. The Balance shows the running balance in each Supercharger.

On the far right are the Buy, Sell and Swap buttons. Buy lets me add to the Supercharger. Sell is for withdrawing funds, as noted above. Swap lets me convert some of a Supercharger to another Supercharger.

The Swap feature is useful for maintaining the value of my BTC and ETH Superchargers.

If it looks like the price is getting bearish, I can swap into the USD Supercharger (or the EURO, GBP, CAD or AUD Supercharger) to lock in the current BTC and ETH prices. When BTC and ETH start rising again, I can swap back into them.

This feature was so popular that Freeway had to suspend all swaps until it developed a different swap process.

Swap’s purpose was never to be a trading exchange. When users started using it as an exchange, the process had to change to what it is now.

The Supercharger Page

Each Supercharger has its own page. Much of the information on the page is common to all of them.

To reach the page, click on the arrow pointing to the right on the far right of the Supercharger. The page for the Supercharger you selected will appear.

The USD Supercharger pageThe USD Supercharger page. Each Supercharger’s page contains the same information. Only the Total Balance and Total Rewards info is different.

OTC Trading Available

The lime green section at the top is a way to buy the Supercharger with crypto assets you already own. OTC means over the counter, which is a stock trading term.

Here, it means bringing crypto you already own to Freeway to buy your Supercharger.

The OTC funding option is not available on the U.S. site. This is to meet Securities Exchange Commission regulations.

The only way you can buy any Supercharger on the U.S. site is by using the Buy Supercharger option in the column on the right.

USD Supercharger Details

This large section on the left is common to all the Superchargers. Only the references to the Supercharger itself is different.

Base Rewards

The base rate (currently 20% or 10%) will always display here.

Boost Rewards: Notice Period

The Notice Period you select applies to all the Superchargers you own. In this case, I’ve selected the 30 Day period, to earn the 10% (or 5%) boost in rewards. The pink and white Active indicates this.

Boost Rewards: Activity Score

This section details all the ways you can earn more interest. Currently, you can earn an additional 3% (or 1.5%) by signing up for the Freeway newsletter.

More activities are in the works, which will bring the total possible Activity Score interest rate boost to 10% (or 5%).

Boost Rewards: Deposit FWT

Not visible in the screenshot above, the Deposit FWT section is a reminder that you can earn an extra 10% interest (or 5%) if you deposit and hold the equivalent of at least 5% of your Supercharger holdings in the Freeway Token (FWT).

As an example, if you bought $1,000 of the USD Supercharger, then held $60 of the Freeway token in the app, you would earn an additional $100 of interest on that Supercharger every year.

Why $60 when the minimum is 5% (which comes to $50)? You have to hold a minimum of 5% of your total Supercharger assets in FWT. Since each Supercharger grows daily, your FWT percentage drops by a bit each day.

FWT’s price is volatile, so it may also go down just enough that you could drop below the 5% minimum.

It’s prudent to give yourself some room. You don’t want to lose the extra interest because your FWT balance dropped to 4.995%.

You can also earn an estimated 15%-30% on the FWT tokens themselves, paid to your preferred Supercharger. In the example above, if you held $60 of FWT you’d earn an additional $9 to $18 per year.

Combining the $100 and the $9-$18 means a 181.67% to 196.67% annual return on your FWT investment. FWT’s price is volatile, so your ROI will be affected by that volatility. It could go to zero, or it could increase by 10X or 100X.

In my opinion, it’s a great investment. Where else can you almost double an investment in a year? And that ROI will continue each year you have a Supercharger and 5% or more in FWT tokens.

How to Purchase Freeway Superchargers

Below the Deposit FWT section is information on how you can buy the Supercharger. At this time, you can only buy with crypto. However, debit card and credit card options are coming soon.

Below that section is information on how to stake your FWT tokens to earn the 15% to 30% interest, and on how the notice period works.

The info on the notice period makes it sound like it’s an all-or-nothing period, that your entire Supercharger holding earns interest or it doesn’t.

You can make a withdrawal request for any fraction of the Supercharger. And only that part will stop earning interest.


In the top right, you’ll see your balance, which will be 0 until you make your first purchase.

You’ll also see your total rewards. Click on the small chart icon to see the rewards total for that Supercharger.

The Balance amount is for the Supercharger only. It doesn’t include the Freeway Token balance.

Annual Rewards

Below the Balances section is a breakdown of the interest rate you’re earning, as well as the daily rate.

If you multiply the daily rate by 365, you’ll see that it doesn’t equal 43%. That’s due to the daily compounding. The daily interest rate compounded every day comes to 43% at the end of a 365-day period.

Buy, Sell and Swap

This section is where you can sell all or part of your Supercharger, if you need funds. It’s also where you can swap some or all of it for a different Supercharger.

You can buy the Supercharger from here as well.

If you’re using the U.S. web app, this is your only option for buying.

Buy Supercharger

This is where the action takes place, especially if you’re using the U.S. Freeway app.

Become Familiar With Freeway Superchargers Before Buying One

There’s no need to rush into things on the Freeway app, especially when it comes to investing your money.

Make sure you’re comfortable with the entire site before you add even any amount to a Supercharger.

When it’s time, add some funds and watch them grow at 20% interest or more, up to 43% annually.

This article will walk you through the two methods to buy a Freeway Supercharger.

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