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Freeway Referrals Let You Do Well by Helping Others Do Well

There are two things I really like about Freeway:

  • earning 43% annual interest on the assets I keep there
  • helping others earn 20% to 43% interest on their savings

The even better part is that we can both earn even more by working together through Freeway referrals.

How Freeway Referrals Work

Freeway provides each member with a referral code to share with family, friends, visitors to a blog or website, even on social media.

If someone signs up using your referral code, Freeway matches your account with the account of the person you referred.

When that person completes the Know Your Customer onboarding and buys a Supercharger, he or she starts earning at least 20% on those funds. (Click for more details about Superchargers.)

For the rest of this article, I’ll use that 20% interest rate to make the math easier. I’ll also use the USD Supercharger, since its price never changes. It’s always pegged 1:1 with the U.S. dollar.

If the person you referred makes a one-time Supercharger purchase of $10,000 USD, those funds will begin to earn $5.00 in interest the next day. And every day, that interest is added to the Supercharger account, where it earns interest.

After 12 months, the Supercharger has $12,000, for a total of $2,000 in interest earned.

Because this person is your referral, he or she will also receive 2% of the interest earned. That comes to an additional $40.

And that bonus interest applies to the first two years, so the total bonus is $88.

Why $88 and not $80? Because the interest continues to compound, so the 2% bonus applies to $14,400 (initial deposit, $2,000 interest from the first year, and $2,400 from the second year).

So, for simply signing up as your referral, your friend or relative will receive a 0.88% bonus by the end of the second year.

As I said, I used 20% interest to keep the math simple. If your referral opted to earn 43% interest instead, the 2% bonus would come to $208.98 at the end of the second year.

The bonus works out to 2.089% of the initial deposit.

How You Earn More From Freeway Referrals

Here’s the part where you get to do well too.

For each person you refer, you receive a bonus of 8% of the interest that person earns, for the same two-year period.

So for an initial deposit of $10,000, if the person you refer receives $88 by the end of the second year, you receive $352.

If the 2% bonus is $208.98 (based on 43% interest), your bonus will be $835.92 at the end of year two.

No other rewards platform pays you anywhere close to that kind of bonus for referring people.

Keep in mind that these numbers are based on a $10,000 Supercharger purchase. If each person you refer invests $1,000, you’ll both receive a tenth of the amounts above.

It’s still a great deal for both of you.

If you’re reading this and you’re not yet a Freeway member, why not join right now? Click on the link below to start receiving your 2% bonus on the interest you earn.


Note that the bonus you each receive does not come out of the interest your referral earns. It’s paid by Freeway to you for growing the Freeway family.

You earn more interest, your friend or family member earns more interest, and Freeway can go out into the foreign exchange (FX) markets and earn more.

That’s a true win-win-win, in this era of win-lose or lose-lose deals.

Where to Find Your Freeway Referrals URL

Once you’re a Freeway member and have access to your account dashboard, hover over your initial in the top right corner.

The overlay with access to the Freeway Referrals pageHover over your initials and click on Referrals to see your referral URL.

Hover over Referrals. It will turn green. Click on it to go to the Freeway Referrals page.

Click on Invite Friends to see your referral URL.

Click on Invite Friends. A small overlay will appear. It displays your referral URL.

Freeway gives you the one-time option (and only one time) to customize the referral portion of the URL to something more memorable.

As you can see from the image below, I’ve customized mine. I wanted to use cryptoretirees, but Freeway doesn’t allow that many characters. So I had to shorten it to the closest I could come to what I wanted — cryptirees.

My customized referral URLThe overlay with the referral URL. You have a one-time option to customize the referral code portion of the URL.

Click on the icon to the right of the URL to copy it. Then click on Close to close the overlay.

Paste the URL into a text document and save it for quick reference. (You don’t want to have to log in to your Freeway account every time you want to share your referral URL.)

If someone uses your referral URL, it redirects him/her to the same Freeway signup page as anyone else will see. The address in the address bar will be different though. This is what the address looks like for anyone using my referral URL.


The ?rb=cryptirees part is the referral code.

Compare that URL to the non-referral URL…


Quicker Access Once You’re Set Up

You don’t have to keep visiting the Referrals page to get your URL, to see how many referrals you have, or how much you’ve earned.

At the bottom of the Dashboard, you’ll see the Referral Rewards Section.

The dashboard's Referral Rewards sectionScroll to the bottom of the Freeway dashboard page and you'll see the Referral Rewards section, with important details.

Click on Invite Friends to see the same overlay with your referral URL.

The bottom left of this section shows you how many referrals you have (I have 2).

It also shows you how much you’ve earned, in green text. My rewards are currently 0 USD.

To see who your referrals are, click on View Referrals. This takes you to the same Referrals page discussed above.

The Referrals page, showing referrals' informationThe same Referrals page I showed above. This time, we focus on the information about the people who have used my referral URL to join Freeway.

Referrals Page Details

As you can see, there are details about both of my referrals. Each person’s name is hidden for privacy reasons.

To the right of the name is the date the person signed up.

Below the name and date is the current status of the person’s account.

Cat**** D., who signed up on May 30, 2022, has completed the signup (green check) and has confirmed his/her identity (KYC) (another green check). This person has not yet purchased a Supercharger (the checkbox is empty).

Ang*** D. who signed up on May 5, 2022, has completed the signup, but has not confirmed his/her identity.

On the far right, the word Onboarding indicates that neither referral has completed all the steps.

Until they purchase a Supercharger and begin earning interest, I won’t receive a bonus.

Freeway Referrals Help You Stay Even Farther Ahead of Inflation!

Earning 20%, up to 43%, annual interest helps a lot when it comes to maintaining your retirement lifestyle.

Earning a bonus on top of that helps even more.

Share Freeway with your friends and family, help them flourish during retirement, and enjoy a win-win deal with them.

If you’re not yet a Freeway member, there’s no better time to sign up than right now. There’s no obligation to purchase a Supercharger right away, although if you don’t, you’ll miss out on all that interest!

So go ahead and sign up using the button below. When you decide to purchase a Supercharger, you’ll receive that 2% bonus on the interest you earn, for two years.

Disclosure: If you join using the button, you’ll receive a bonus of 2% of the interest you earn, for the next two years. Freeway will also pay me for referring you.