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Earn Crypto Rewards, With Rates Up to 430X Higher Than Bank Accounts

The purpose of CryptoRetirees.com is to help you flourish on a fixed income during retirement.

With inflation eating away at our monthly income, none of us can afford to leave the cash we’ve saved up in a bank earning less than half of one percent a year.

You can earn crypto instead, and at least keep pace with inflation, if not grow your assets.

This article discusses the various ways to earn crypto rewards, with links to more in-depth articles.

Earn Crypto Interest

I’m sometimes asked, “Do cryptocurrencies pay dividends?” Unfortunately, no, there are no cryptocurrencies that pay dividends.

However, you can deposit your crypto on a platform or exchange and start earning substantially more interest than your bank pays you. How?

In most cases, the rewards platform or trading exchange uses your crypto to earn more, and pays you a large percentage (compared to banks) for the use of your assets.

If you’re on a fixed income, I recommend only putting your cash into stablecoins, which are pegged to the U.S. dollar and rarely move more than half a cent in either direction.

There are several stablecoins, so you don’t have to put all your eggs in one basket.

Freeway Lite

Freeway logo

Freeway has, by far, the highest interest rates of any rewards platform. Rates start at 20% for Bitcoin, Ether, USD, Euro and the British Pound.

You can earn as much as 43% APY on those five assets, depending on two actions you can take and whether you invest in the Freeway Token.

You can also hold BNB, Polkadot (DOT), Cardano (ADA) and gold on Freeway and earn from 10% to 21.5% APY.

I hold most of my crypto assets on Freeway, where interest is paid daily and starts compounding immediately.

Click here to read more about Freeway Lite, and what makes it different from the other rewards platforms (besides the interest rates).

Other Platforms Where You Can Earn Crypto Interest

There are other platforms and exchanges where you can park your crypto and earn interest.

Keep in mind, however, that most charge fees to swap and withdraw your crypto. So your returns on these platforms will be lower than the advertised interest rates.


BlockFi logo

BlockFi is another major platform. It allows one free withdrawal per month. However, some of the coins and tokens have a withdrawal fee charged by the network itself. So be aware of that if you plan to use BlockFi.

BlockFi has a limited number of coins and tokens available to earn rewards on.

More importantly, BlockFi can no longer accept U.S. citizens or permanent residents into its rewards program. This restriction came as part of a settlement with U.S. banking and securities regulators.


Okcoin logo

Okcoin is another platform where you can earn rewards. It’s also a small exchange.

I no longer use Okcoin because they don’t allow anyone in certain countries to use their services, and I live in one of them. It doesn’t matter that I'm a Canadian citizen. Because I live in Ecuador, I can no longer use Okcoin.

Other Platforms to Earn Crypto

You can also use the Exodus wallet, an app you can install on your computer. Crypto.com and Nexo have opportunities to earn crypto too, if you don’t live in the U.S.


Just about every major exchange where you can trade crypto also allows you to earn interest. Here are three of them.

Exodus Wallet

Exodus isn’t a rewards platform or an exchange. It’s a software or “hot” wallet that resides on your computer as an application. You can use it to store many different coins and tokens.

It has a swap system built into the platform, and it has a direct link to the FTX exchange for trading coins and tokens.

You can earn rewards on just seven tokens.

I’m not a big fan of Exodus. It doesn’t label anything, preferring to use icons instead. Until you figure out and remember what each icon represents, there will be some fumbling around.

I use it because it offers higher rates on some of the tokens I hold. 

Learn more about the Exodus Wallet here.

Thinking About Waiting?

Whether to earn crypto or leave your money in the bank is an easy decision to make, based on the numbers alone. It might not be a simple decision for you emotionally though.

You may not feel comfortable yet with the cryptocurrency and blockchain world. If so, invest more time here on CryptoRetirees.com until you’re ready to decide whether it’s right for you to earn crypto using any of the methods discussed here.

And discuss it with your kids or grandkids who have put money into crypto. You may hear something from them that puts you at ease.

Don’t wait too long though. Every day, inflation erodes our buying power, making it harder to maintain our desired lifestyles.