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Celsius Network Support and Help Options: Earn More, With Fewer Headaches

Celsius has filed for Chapter 11 protection from creditors in U.S. courts. All all crypto deposited with Celsius remains unavailable.

If you continue to read any of the Celsius pages on CryptoRetirees.com, do so for informational purposes only. Do not join Celsius at this time.

I’ve removed all Celsius signup buttons and references to joining Celsius until I know more about the outcome of Celsius Network’s restructuring, and whether it will still be a viable way to earn retirement income.

After you join Celsius and become part of the community of over 1 million Celsians, there will come a time (or a few) when you can’t do something or find what you’re looking for.

That’s what the Celsius Network support and help options are there for.

You have four options for getting your questions answered:

  • A chatbot
  • A help center of answers to common questions
  • An email-based help desk
  • Live support

The Celsius Chatbot

A chatbot is a scripted or AI-based set of questions and answers. When you ask a question using the bot, it determines what you mean by that question. It then provides the information it thinks comes closest to answering the question.

You can open the Celsius bot by clicking on the ? chat bubble in the bottom right of every Celsius web page.

If you’re using the phone app, tap the Portfolio button at the bottom of the app. To the left of your name, tap on your photo, or on the profile icon. In the menu that slides in, click on Help.

The same bot answers questions in both the website and the mobile app, so the rest of this section will focus on the website version of the bot.

You don’t have to be logged in to your account to use the chatbot. It’s available on any of the public pages of the celsius.network website.

The Celsius Network chatbot is available on all public pages.You can use the Celsius Network chatbot from any page of the public website.

When you’re logged in, you’ll see the bot in the bottom right corner. This is from my Portfolio page:

If you have Dark Mode activated, the same page will look like this:

As you can see, the bot’s chat bubble isn’t as obvious in dark mode. It’s still detectable though. And it never moves from that position in the bottom right corner of the page.

Activating the Bot

Click on the chat bubble to activate the bot. When you begin each chat (your first one or if you ended the previous chat), you’ll see the standard opening sequence.

The Celsius Network chatbot’s opening messageDana the chatbot’s opening message.

The bot’s name is Dana, so I’ll use its name now instead of “bot.”

Dana presents you with six buttons. Each is a preset option, in the form of a request. If one of the six options matches your issue, click on it to see a script with possible answers to that problem.

If none of the six are about your issue, click where it says Message… and type a question, or simply a few words.

For the screenshot below, I typed in HODL mode.

Dana returned several paragraphs about HODL mode (a Celsius Network security feature).

It then asked me what I wanted to do with my HODL mode. It will usually ask you what you want to do, then offer a few buttons.

Dana’s answer to a question about HODL mode.Dana’s answer to my question about HODL mode, a Celsius security feature.

Click on a button if you want to take that action. If none of the buttons are relevant, type in another message.

Since Dana is pre-scripted, it may not have the precise answer you’re looking for. So you may have to ask it again, using different terms.

If you think you found your answer, and it involves several steps, you may want a record of them for future reference.

You can email the entire chat session to yourself. Click on the three vertical dots in the top left of the chat panel, to the left of the Celsius icon (see the screenshot above).

You’ll now see options at the bottom of the chat panel to Turn on sound and Email transcript. Click on Email transcript. Enter the email address where you want the transcript, and click on Send.

To close the chat panel, you can click on the __ option in the top right. That leaves the current chat open until you use the chat again. Or click on the X. You’ll be asked if you want to end the chat. Click on End Chat to do that.

Dana May Not Have All the Answers to Your Website Questions

The chatbot script has been available for a while. The celsius.network website has existed only since mid-2021, and doesn’t have all the features and options the mobile app has (like taking out a loan).

So some of the answers Dana will give you might not help if you’re using the website.

I found this to be the case when I needed help finding my referral code. Dana gave me precise instructions on how to find it on the app, but nothing at all on how to find it on the site. As of this writing, it still doesn’t.

If you ask for help, and only get it for the app, see if you can translate the instructions into the website’s steps.

One last note about Dana. You’ll often see Did this help? at the end of whatever Dana provides you. You’ll see thumbs up and thumbs down icons. If you didn’t receive the answer you wanted, click the thumbs down icon.

Dana will then give you the option to search the help center. Don’t bother. It will only continue to ask you questions in the chat panel. It will not open the help center.

Help Center

The Help Center knowledgebaseThe Celsius Network Support Help Center knowledge base.

Click on the link below, then bookmark the page. That’s the only quick access you’ll have to the help center.


Nowhere on the website or mobile app is there a direct link to the help center. So be sure to bookmark that page.

When you land on the help center page, you’ll see a search bar at the top, then two large buttons — API Portal and Knowledge base. Then you’ll see links to various Promoted articles, followed by links to Recent activity.

If you don’t find a promoted article or recent addition that matches your question or concern, you can search for the answer, or click on Knowledge base to see the various sections with several questions in each, plus links to see all the articles in the section you select.

If you can’t find your answer, click on Submit a request in the top right corner of any page in the help center. That will open a contact form.

Complete the form, selecting the App Feature that most closely matches why you’re submitting the form.

If you have screenshots or other files you want to attach, click on Add file or drop files here, then simply drag the files over and drop them there.

Click Submit and wait for a response to land in your email inbox.

Email-Based Help Desk

Once you receive that email, you can begin a conversation with a human (sometimes more than one before your issue is resolved).

If the first email doesn’t answer your question, be as precise as you possibly can when replying. This will help the person at the other end, and will aid in resolving your issue as quickly as possible.

Live Support (aka Customer Care)

Live support in the crypto world is just about unheard-of. It’s so rare that the Celsius CEO, Alex Mashinsky, likes to make a point about it.

If you live in North America, you’ll want to take advantage of it. Why? Because you can likely get your question answered in a minute or two, rather than having a drawn-out email trail with a help desk employee.

Unfortunately, live support from the Customer Care team is only available Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. until 11 p.m., Eastern Time. That’s definitely better than nothing though!

The only place where I’ve found access to the live support team is on the public website — celsius.network.

In the screenshot below, the red dot on the phone icon (outlined in red) indicates that live support is not available.

Celsius Network Support red closed indicator, and its location on the page.The Celsius Network Support red “closed” indicator, and its location on the page.

If you hover over the phone icon, a small overlay will appear. If live support is offline, you’ll have the option to begin a help desk email chat. If support is online, you’ll see a green dot, and a message that it is indeed online.

Call 1-866-HODL-NOW (1-866-463-5669) to speak to someone.

Celsius Network Support times and open indicatorThe Celsius Network Support open times, phone number and green “open” indicator.

Those Are Your Celsius Network Support Options

If Dana the chatbot, the help center, and the email-based help desk haven’t helped you, the live support likely will. I’ve used it, and found the people answering my calls friendly and knowledgeable.

You can find access to all four options on one page of the Celsius Network website. Click the Care link, or click this link to go there now.

If you live somewhere that makes it difficult to reach the live support team when they’re available, use my contact form to reach out to me. I may be able to help.

If you’re not yet a Celsius Network member, why not join today? Use the link below and you’ll receive $50 USD in Bitcoin as a signup bonus after you deposit $400 USD in crypto to your account.

Disclosure: If you use that link to join, Celsius will pay me $50 in Bitcoin for referring you. That way, we both win. And we both get to enjoy great Celsius Network support!