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A Celsius Network Promo Code Unlocks Bonuses for Even Greater Income

Celsius has filed for Chapter 11 protection from creditors in U.S. courts. All all crypto deposited with Celsius remains unavailable.

If you continue to read any of the Celsius pages on CryptoRetirees.com, do so for informational purposes only. Do not join Celsius at this time.

I’ve removed all Celsius signup buttons and references to joining Celsius until I know more about the outcome of Celsius Network’s restructuring, and whether it will still be a viable way to earn retirement income.

When you add crypto to your Celsius account, it begins earning rewards (interest) immediately.

If you add stablecoins, which are pegged to the U.S. dollar and have little price volatility, your interest rate will be 70X or more over what a bank savings account will pay you.

Only accredited investors in the U.S., and non-U.S. Celsians, can earn interest.

If you’re a U.S. citizen or permanent resident and you’re not an accredited investor, you’re not allowed to earn interest on Celsius due to Securities and Exchange Commission regulations.

The Celsius Network promo code pageThe Promotions page list of year-round promo codes. These are available to anyone not using a referral code to join Celsius. Any time-limited promos appear below these four.

You can earn free crypto and have that earn interest too. Simply enter a Celsius Network promo code into the system before you deposit your assets.

In the image above, the four promo codes are the standard four that anyone can use when they first join Celsius.

And as you can see, you’ll receive a good return on your investment (ROI) by using either of the two smaller ones. HODL10 gives a 10% ROI, while HODL50 gives a 12.5% ROI.

How to Read the Table

From left to right, these are the columns on the Promotions page:

Promo Code: This is what you’ll enter when you’re ready to make your deposit. I recommend highlighting the code for the promo you want to use (don’t include the asterisk though) and pasting it into a text document on your computer.

If you do that, you don’t have to worry about spelling the code correctly.

The asterisks point to the fine print just below the list. Be sure to read it, and keep that detail in mind when deciding to use any of the four standard promo codes.

More importantly, read the Celsius General Promo Terms & Conditions. These terms and conditions relate to the four standard promos and any special offer promos Celsius may offer.

Also read the text just below the list of codes, which explains how you have to make your deposits if you activate more than one promo code at the same time.

Take special note of the demand that you make a transfer for each code.

Reward Amount: This is the amount of Bitcoin you’ll receive for using one of the codes.

Reward Coin: Your promo reward will be paid in Bitcoin. However, per the Terms and Condition, Celsius reserves the right to pay you in another coin or token. You’ll probably receive BTC though.

Other promos may pay you in other coins or tokens. For instance, I used one that paid me $40 in ADA (Cardano) for depositing $400 in ADA.

Minimum Transfer: This is the amount (or more) that you have to transfer to receive the promo reward.

Acceptable Coins: For the standard four promos, this amount can be in any coin or token that Celsius accepts, indicated by All in this column.

If you don’t have enough of a particular coin/token to reach the threshold, send enough of any other acceptable one to get there.

Other promos are usually for a particular crypto. For example, in January 2022, Celsius offered a bonus for Ether (ETH) deposits, in addition to the standard four.

Lock Period: This is the amount of time that the crypto you deposited using the promo code must stay in your account to earn the bonus. HODL10 and HODL50 have 30-day lock periods. HODL500 and HODL2K have 90-day locks.

Other promos will have varying lock periods. The minimum is 30 days though.

There’s another lock period, which isn’t that clear in the fine print.

If you use any promo code, the total amount of your holdings on Celsius must equal or be more than your pre-promo total plus the promo amount you deposit. Here’s an example.

I took advantage of two promo codes recently. I added $1,000 USD in CEL tokens to my account to earn $100 in CEL. That lock is for 180 days.

A few days later, I took advantage of the Avalanche promo and deposited $500 USD of AVAX into my account to earn $20 in AVAX. That lock is for 90 days.

To simplify the math, if my account had $10,000 before I used the first promo code, I cannot withdraw any amount that takes my total below $11,500 for 90 days.

Once the 90 days are up, I’ll be able to withdraw as much as $520 (equivalent to the $500 in AVAX plus the $20 AVAX reward). Why? Because anything more would take my balance below the $11,000 amount from the CEL promo.

When the AVAX lock expires after 180 days, I could then withdraw any amount I want.

If I continue to take advantage of promo codes, I won’t be able to completely withdraw my crypto until the last promo expires. Unless I’m willing to lose one or more promo bonuses.

Activating a Promo Code and Transferring Assets

There’s a specific process, if you haven’t guessed that already. You must follow it to ensure that you receive your bonus.

  1. Enter one (1) promo code at a time. You can immediately enter another one if you want to take advantage of more bonuses. But only one at a time. I’ll walk you through that step in a moment.

  2. Proceed with the transfer. If you’re using one code, make a single transfer. Or make as many transfers as you need to get to the threshold level.

    For example, if you’re using HODL50 for the $50 reward, you have to transfer $400 USD in crypto. You can do that as one $400 transfer, or two $200 transfers, or any other combination that comes to $400.

    If you’re going to activate two or more promo codes, you must transfer enough to reach the first promo’s threshold before you start transferring crypto for the second code.

It’s important to note that you can only use one of the standard four codes. These are for new Celsians and any Celsians who have yet to make their first transfer.

So be sure to select the right one. I recommend using HODL50, since it has a higher ROI, and because you can probably afford to transfer $400. If you can, why not start earning more interest, on both $400 and your bonus of $50 of Bitcoin?

It’s essential that you keep your account’s total balance at or above the amount required to receive the bonus, until the lock period expires.

If you’re using a code for a specific coin/token (such as my ADA promo above), that specific coin/token’s balance also must be maintained at the total amount you have after making the deposit.

If you’re a new Celsian (welcome!), and this is your first deposit, then your balance must be at least the promo’s amount for the entire lock period.

If you discover that there’s a promo code that you want to use (new ones are announced on Twitter and YouTube, and by email), remember to keep that coin/token’s balance at the total of the existing amount plus the amount of the new transfer.

How to Use a Celsius Network Promo Code

After you’ve logged into your account on your computer, click on Promotions along the top.

The Promotions navigation tab in the Celsius Network web appClick on Promotions in the top navigation.

Click on Promotions, which takes you to the Promotions page. This is where you’ll enter your promo code.

Notice the number in the bottom right of the image below. It tells me I’ve already received $140 in crypto from various promo codes.

The Celsius Promotions page, where you enter the promo code.Enter the promo code in the box, then click Apply.

If you copy/pasted the promo code you want to use to a text document, copy it now and paste it into the box on the Promotions page.

If you need to check that you’re using the correct code, click on Active promo codes in the text just below the purple text. (If you’re using Dark Mode, the purple text will be closer to a pink color.)

That will open a new window or tab in your browser, and the Promo Codes page on the public site will display all the codes.

If you’re using the mobile app, there’s no way to check what the available promo codes are. You’ll have to open your browser and go to the website’s Promotions page to view them.

When you have your code entered, click Apply.

Your code is now active. You have 30 days to deposit your crypto.

If you already have it sitting in a wallet or exchange account, send it now so that you don’t have to think about it again. And so that it will begin earning rewards today.

If you have to buy crypto, I recommend doing that now. As soon as you have it, transfer it to your Celsius account.

If you activated more than one promo code, remember to send enough to reach the first code’s threshold before sending assets for the second code.

Important: While Celsius doesn’t charge any fees, exchanges and coin/token networks do. So if you plan to send, say, $400 for the HODL50 code, you may have to pay a dollar or two in fees. Perhaps as little as a few cents.

Those fees often come out of the amount you’ll send. So be sure to check how much your final amount will be after fees are extracted. If it’s not enough to meet the promo code’s threshold, increase the amount by a few dollars.

You don’t want to have to make another transfer for a few dollars, and be charged another transaction fee.

Keep that in mind if you’re feeding your exchange with money from your bank account, and especially if you’re buying with a credit card. Send a few extra dollars to be certain you meet the promo’s minimum transfer amount.

After Activating a Code

After you activate your desired promo code, you’ll see something like this on the Promotions page. The details will depend on the promo you’re using.

It also tells you how many more days you have to deposit the minimum amount of crypto you need to receive the reward.

Promo pending deposit of cryptocurrencyThis promo is pending my deposit of $1,000 USD of CEL tokens.

Locked Bonuses

Once Celsius has received your coins, your promo will now indicate that it’s locked. It will also tell you how long you have until your bonus unlocks.

Paid Bonuses

Once the promo’s lock-in period has ended and Celsius has paid you the bonus, you’ll see that indicated on the Promotions page. For example, Celsius paid my ADA bonus of $40 on January 18, 2022.

My ADA promo marked as paidThe green indicator tells me that Celsius has paid my ADA (Cardano) bonus.

Promo Codes for Loans

Celsius occasionally offers deals on its loans. It already charges low rates (as low as 1% if you provide enough collateral).

When a promo is active for a loan, you don’t receive a lower interest rate (they can’t go much lower!). Instead, your account will receive a bonus amount of crypto, paid in whatever coin the promo indicates.

Keep in mind that whatever coin you use for collateral, that amount will not earn interest until you pay off the loan and the collateral is released. So only take out a loan if you, or someone you know, really needs the money.

The bonus will at least help you make up some, maybe even all, of that lost reward income.

Take Advantage of a Celsius Network Promo Code Whenever You Can Afford It

Celsius likes to give away money. Or, more accurately, crypto. If you’re on a fixed income, the extra money every year can help you flourish during your retirement.

If you can afford it, take advantage of the promo codes you’re offered. If they’re for anything except stablecoins, you can always swap the bonus you receive for stablecoins using the Swap function.

That way, you eliminate price volatility and enjoy interest rates 70X or higher compared to what the banks pay you in a saving account.

If you’re not yet a Celsius Network member, this may be the right time.

Click on the button below to earn a $50 USD referral bonus, paid in Bitcoin, after you transfer $400 in any crypto to your account.

Then start taking advantage of those promo codes!

Disclosure: If you sign up by clicking that button, Celsius will pay me $50 in Bitcoin for referring you. So we both end up a little wealthier. A win-win!