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The Celsius Network Community — 600,000 Earning Weekly Rewards

Celsius has filed for Chapter 11 protection from creditors in U.S. courts. All all crypto deposited with Celsius remains unavailable.

If you continue to read any of the Celsius pages on CryptoRetirees.com, do so for informational purposes only. Do not join Celsius at this time.

I’ve removed all Celsius signup buttons and references to joining Celsius until I know more about the outcome of Celsius Network’s restructuring, and whether it will still be a viable way to earn retirement income.

One of the crucial elements of a strong community is a common goal. People work together to accomplish something they all want. That’s what makes the Celsius Network community so strong.

Celsians (what members of the Celsius community are called) are working on the goal of financial freedom.

They’re doing that by taking their money out of banks, where it earns less than 1% a year in interest, and putting it on the Celsius platform, where it can earn more than 10% a year.

An Avid Bunch

Celsians are an avid group of people! Some love to love Celsius, and others love to hate it, usually because they’re not earning a high enough interest rate on their deposits.

There was a lot of hating going on when Celsius announced that any U.S. citizens and permanent residents joining the platform after April 14, 2022, would not be allowed to earn interest on their crypto.

Even though Celsius was forced to do this because of Securities and Exchange Commission regulations, Celsians were angry, even though most of the changes only apply to new members.

Celsius Network YouTube

During the Celsius weekly live stream video call on YouTube, hundreds of Celsians join the chat, asking questions and helping each other.

This weekly Friday live stream is called Ask Mashinsky Anything (Alex Mashinsky is the CEO of Celsius Network).

It covers the latest information about Celsius, answers questions from viewers, and has employees as guests to discuss various aspects of what’s going on in the company.

There are dozens and dozens of videos to watch, if you want to get a feel for the company. Or simply start with the next Ask Mashinsky Anything, every Friday at 1 p.m. Eastern Time.

The Celsius Network Twitter Community

The Celsius Twitter account is where you’ll find up-to-the-minute announcements about new features and new promo codes. Many of the 200,000+ followers get their Celsius news from those tweets.


Celsius Network on Facebook

If Facebook is your preferred social platform, Celsius has you covered. Join over 31,000 others who follow Celsius on Facebook to stay up to date with what’s happening.


Celsius Network on Instagram

If you’re into Instagram, you can follow Celsius there.


Celsius Network LinkedIn

Join 34,000+ others on LinkedIn who follow Celsius.


The Celsius Network Telegram Channel

I don't think there’s a single cryptocurrency project that doesn’t have a Telegram channel.

Celsius is no exception.


The Celsius Blog

Celsius has a blog, although there’s not much on it recently.



Celsius is transparent. One of the ways it maintains transparency is by revealing information that many other platforms won’t. That includes the number of Celsians, the number with active accounts, and how much Celsius has paid them over the years.

Part of the Celsius Community page in the websiteThe Community page inside the Celsius website shows information about the number of Celsians and a lot more.

The Top 500 HODLers

The Top 500 HODLers is one example. You can see a list of CEL token holders, although many are anonymous, plus how many tokens each person or entity holds, and the dollar value of each holding.

Each of the top 70 has over $1 million USD in CEL tokens. That’s a strong endorsement of the Celsius business model.

You can see the list here.

You’re probably wondering what a HODLer is. Click here to learn about the origins of HODL.

Rewards Explorer

Celsius also documents all of its rewards payment, in total by week, and per coin/token by week. Unfortunately, you can only reach the Rewards Explorer if you use the mobile app. There’s no access via the website at this time.

You can see how you compare to the other 500,000+ active Celsians who are earning rewards weekly, and see how much you earned per coin or token.

You can read how the Rewards Explorer works, here.

Check out the video below to see how the Rewards Explorer works. You can then decide whether it’s worth downloading and using the mobile app.

Regular Audits

Don't trust, verify.The headline on Celsius Network's audit page.

Transparency also means showing the financials. It doesn’t mean revealing the personal information of customers.

So Celsius has regular audits completed by Horizen, using its zk Audit technology. This technology validates proof of liquidity on the Celsius Network platform and protects community members’ privacy.

Learn more about how the audit process here.

Celsius Ambassadors

Another aspect of the Celsius Network community is its Ambassadors program. Celsians who want to promote Celsius and its rewards can apply to become an ambassador.

Those who are accepted into the program have access to the Celsius team. They also receive exclusive access to promotions and contests, along with the opportunity to earn extra cash from Celsius.

If you like to chat with other people, and think that earning 10% or more on deposited funds is something you’d like to share, you can apply to become an ambassador.

It could become a major source of income for you. Some ambassadors have referred over 1,000 people. That means they’ve earned over $50,000 in referral bonuses, all paid in Bitcoin.

The program is also a great way to meet new people. After all, who doesn’t want to hear about how they can make 70x or more on their money compared to what the banks pay them.

You’ll find more about being a Celsius Ambassador here.

What’s Next?

If you found this discussion about the Celsius Network community interesting, and want to become a part of it, now’s the perfect time to join.

Click on the button below to become a Celsian and start flourishing as a retiree. Celsius will reward you with a $50 bonus, paid in Bitcoin, if you deposit $400 or more in any crypto.

(I recommend sending it in a stablecoin, such as USDC, so that it doesn’t lose any of its value due to price volatility.)

Disclosure: If you use that button to sign up, Celsius will give me $50 in Bitcoin as a reward for referring you. What better way to build community than to offer win-win opportunities?

That’s one more reason why I’m one of those avid fans in the Celsius Network community!