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Buy Freeway Tokens and Earn a 10% Interest Rate Boost on Your Superchargers

Holding Freeway tokens on the Freeway Lite platform can increase your Supercharger interest rate by almost a third, from as high as 33% APY to as high as 43%.

You can buy Freeway tokens using one of two options, depending on whether you’re on the global web app or the U.S. web app.

This article walks you through how to purchase Freeway tokens, which is common to both apps.

OTC, the second purchase option, is available only on the global app. I’ll walk you through that process later in the article.

Buy Freeway Token (FWT)

Click the light blue Purchase button in the Freeway Token section of the dashboard to begin the process. That takes you to the purchase page.

The page to buy Freeway tokensFrom this page of the global app, you have two options — OTC and Buy. The U.S. app has only the Buy option.

Enter the dollar amount you want to purchase. Click the green Add to Order List button.

The cart icon in the top right will now have a 1 on it. You’ll also see a green Success message in the bottom left of the page.

Click on the cart icon. This opens a small overlay.

The Buy Order overlayClicking on the cart icon opens the Buy Order overlay. Click on Complete Order to continue with your purchase.

To cancel the order, click on the trashcan to the right of Freeway Token (FWT).

To continue after reviewing the information, click on Complete Order.

When the page reloads, you’ll see the Payment and Payment Method sections.

The Payment and Payment Method pageSelect the network you want to use to buy your FWT tokens. Avoid ETH and USDT if at all possible, due to the high cost.

In the Payment Method section, Freeway advises you to use BNB for the cheapest fees to send crypto for the purchase. You’ll see at the bottom the various prices for sending your assets.

On top of the 0.23% processing fee charged by the third-party payment provider, you also have to pay the fee the provider charges for its services:

  • .008 BNB
  • .01 ETH
  • .0001 BTC
  • $65 USDT

At today’s prices (mid May 2022), those amounts come to roughly:

  • $2.00 for BNB
  • $18.90 for ETH
  • $2.80 for BTC
  • $65 for USDT

So use the BNB network (Binance Smart Chain — BEP20) if at all possible. You’ll save yourself a lot of money over what you’ll pay with ETH or USDT!

Select the network from the menu (BTC is the default).

Then click Place Order.

Review all the information on the next page. Take note of how much of the crypto you have to send.

Include a bit more when making the transaction to account for the transaction and network fees from the exchange or wallet where you have your crypto stored.

Copy the address by clicking on the small icon next to the long string of characters. Or use your phone’s camera to use the QR code version of the address.

Complete the Purchase

It’s time to head over to your exchange or wallet and send the amount of crypto required to buy the Freeway tokens.

Once that’s complete, it will take a while for the tokens to appear in the dashboard. If you don’t see anything in an hour or two, and you haven’t received an email from Freeway, contact Freeway Support and have them investigate.

When you see the tokens, remember to stake them to start earning an estimated 15-30% interest on them.

Using the OTC Method to Buy Freeway Tokens

If you live outside the U.S. (and you’re not a U.S. citizen), you can use the OTC method to buy FWT tokens.

At the top of the Buy page, click on Buy OTC in the lime green area. This opens a form for you to complete. This information goes to the Freeway staff, who will track receipt of your crypto assets and apply them to your account.

Click Start to enter the form.

If you want to stop the order process without sending crypto, click on the X on a red background in the top right corner of the form overlay.

Select Your Payment Method

This is where you select which crypto you’ll send to Freeway to buy your tokens. If you want to send USDT (Tether) or USDC, note that you have two network options:

  • Ethereum Network (ERC20)
  • Binance-Pegged Network (BEP-20)

Check with the exchange or wallet where you keep your USDT or USDC to see your network options there. Sending on BEP-20 is much cheaper, so if you can use that option, choose it here in the form.

The Polkadot network is by far the cheapest network in terms of fees, followed by the BNB network. I recommend buying enough of DOT or BNB to buy the amount of FWT you want.

How Much [Crypto] Would You Like to Spend on FWT?

Enter the amount of the crypto you selected. If you’re using USDC or USDT, that amount will be close to the equivalent of U.S. dollars. For all others, it’s the amount of that cryptocurrency, so you need to know the current price of that coin or token.

Divide the amount of FWT you need to reach your desired percentage of FWT to your Supercharger total by the price of the payment coin/token.

I recommend buying more than the 5% minimum due to price fluctuations during the buying period.

You Have Chosen to Buy FWT Using [Selected] Network

Freeway provides the wallet address here for you to send your funds. This address is common to everyone using this network to deposit crypto to their Supercharger.

That’s why, as you can see in the screenshot below, the message says you’ll be asked for the Transaction ID in the next step.

The address to send DOT tokens to purchase FWTCopy the address Freeway provides for the network you selected. Paste it into a text document. Then click on I accept.

Since each transaction is unique, Freeway staff use the Transaction ID to locate your funds and allocate them to your token purchase request.

Highlight and copy the entire wallet string of characters. In the screenshot above, it begins with 13BMW.

Do not use the address you seen in the screenshot above. While the address will likely be the same if you’re also sending via the Polkadot Network, don’t take any chances. Copy the URL you see in your account.

I recommend you paste the wallet address into a text document (Notepad or TextEdit). Then compare what you pasted in to what you see on the form screen.

If even one character is missing from either end, the transaction may be lost forever, with no hope of retrieving your funds. So invest a few seconds to ensure you have the entire wallet address.

Click on I accept to continue.

The form will continue to the next step automatically.

Please Enter the Transaction ID for Your Payment Here

You have to send the crypto to have a transaction. So take a few minutes and go to your exchange, rewards platform or wallet and complete the transaction.

Take note of the precise amount of the coin or token that you’re sending. If it’s different than the amount you entered earlier in the form, go back there and change the amount.

Once the transaction has been made, you’ll be given a transaction ID (TxID), which is a long string of characters.

Copy that character string, then paste it into the same text document you opened a few minutes ago.

Now paste the TxID into the form.

Thanks for Your Request(s)

This step is optional. I recommend typing in Account of [Your Name] as a backup to the Transaction ID to ensure the crypto is added to the correct account.

Confirm That You’ve Read All the Legal Documents

Read the Freeway terms and conditions, disclaimers and privacy policy. Then click I accept.

Click Submit to send the form.


You’ll see a message saying thanks and advising you that your request to buy Freeway tokens will be processed within 1-2 business days.

I’ve found that my tokens appear in a few hours. So check your dashboard in 6-12 hours. If you don’t see the funds yet, check again in another 12 hours.

And when you do see your funds there, remember to stake them to start earning an estimated 15-30% interest on them. And then…

Sit Back and Watch Your Supercharger(s) Grow Even Faster

Your Superchargers are now receiving a 10% boost in the annual interest they’ll receive.

Enjoy growing your retirement income faster than the inflation rate!

Withdrawing Your Tokens From Freeway

If you ever need to withdraw some of your tokens, this article will walk you through the process.

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