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About CryptoRetirees.com and Jeff Johnston

Inflation has set upon us with a vengeance. For the first time in 40 years, people are getting poorer every day. That’s an urgent problem for retirees and those with plans to retire in the next 10-15 years.

Most retirees are on fixed incomes from government pension plans and, perhaps, retirement plans. Those closing in on retirement are adding to their retirement funds.

But few of us took into account inflation at over 8% a year. The plans we had for retirement are in jeopardy.

Trustees of the Social Security system in the U.S. report that it will be out of funds in 2033. So those relying on money from the government may be in an even harder place than they are now.

Many government and private pension plans are close to insolvency. So we can’t count on those either.

I think cryptocurrency can help you flourish during your retirement.

Keeping your brain active by learning new things is one way you’ll flourish. Crypto Retirees has pages and pages of information about crypto, written specifically for older generations.

I’m 67. I’ve been buying, selling and trading crypto since 2015, and I’m still learning about it. My brain gets a workout on a regular basis.

Staying ahead of inflation is another way you’ll flourish. Instead of earning 0.1% or less on your bank savings, you can purchase some cryptocurrencies that have practically no volatility, and little risk.

If you store those stablecoins, as they’re called, you can earn more than 43% per year on one rewards platform I use. That’s over 430X what you’ll earn at your bank.

So you can keep up with inflation. Or even keep your assets growing during your retirement.

Who Am I?

Jeff Johnston

My name is Jeff Johnston. I’ve been writing professionally for over 20 years. And, as I mentioned, I’ve been involved in the crypto space since 2015.

I’ve made money with crypto, and I’ve lost money with it, usually when I was looking for the big score.

Now I’m much more conservative with my crypto assets.

Just about every day, I learn something new about crypto, or about business, finance, or investing.

The day I learned that I could safely earn high rates of interest on my crypto was the day I knew I had to share what I’ve learned about crypto with the millions of retirees looking to improve their finances in their so-called “sunset years.”

If “sunset” means having the time and means to enjoy watching the sun go down, I’m all for it. If it means a slow mental or physical decline, forget it.

I’m not planning to live my life that way, and I don’t think you want to either. It’s time for us to flourish during our 60s, 70s, 80s and beyond.

Jeff at the beachEnjoying life at the coast, mora (blackberry) juice in hand, hibiscus in my hair (what there is of it!).

At age 67, I still work, mostly as a freelance writer. And now, as the publisher of CryptoRetirees.com.

My goal with this website is to bring you the information you need to make informed choices that will help you stay ahead of inflation.

I enjoy watching my crypto balances grow every month (on one rewards platform, every week, and on another, every day!). I think you will too.

Here’s to you and I flourishing during retirement!