Unbank yourself and flourish during retirement.

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Use Crypto Retirees to Keep Up With Your Kids, and Keep Up With Inflation

Do you ever feel that you’re out of the loop when your kids (or grandkids!) start talking about cryptocurrency? About how much they’ve invested in them, and how much money they’re making from them?

Are you worried that inflation will continue to increase and eat away at your lifestyle?

Are you tired of earning a tenth of one percent (or less!) on your savings, while, as Bloomberg reported:

Ten million dollars, $15 million, $25 million, more: Big money is back on Wall Street.

Not since the late 2000s, when lavish bonuses rained down before and after federal bailouts, have pay packages at U.S. investment banks swelled as much as they have right now.

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. just finished spending an average of 23% more per employee for the past year — the biggest jump in more than a decade. And that figure is muted compared with how dramatically bonuses have gone up for dealmakers, with Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Goldman raising them to the tune of 30%, 40% and 50%.

After years of restraint, bank leaders are once again projecting a “whatever it takes” approach to compensation, vowing they won’t be outbid for top performers, lest they lose an edge in a hot market for trading and deals. That has their employees in Manhattan uncorking $2,000 bottles of wine at the fastest pace in years, buying bigger homes in fashionable TriBeCa, and snapping up yachts.

There’s a way to help you ensure that you flourish during retirement, even with inflation. And you can stick it to the banks at the same time.

That way is by unbanking yourself.

Take your savings out of your bank and deposit them where they’ll earn you 70X or more compared to what the banks offer.

At the same time, you’ll be able to hold your own in any discussion the kids have about crypto. Soon you’ll be able to disagree with comedian John Oliver's quip:

Cryptocurrency combines everything you don’t understand about money, with everything you don’t understand about computers.
– John Oliver

Your “Senior” Source of Information About Crypto

Crypto Retirees is your go-to source for information on almost anything about crypto. If it relates to you as a retiree (or someone planning for retirement), you’ll find it here.

Why “almost anything”? Because there’s a lot happening, and a lot of opportunities, in the crypto world.

Many aren’t worth knowing about when you’re on a fixed income. They’re too speculative, or too esoteric, or far too complex for your needs.

Crypto Retirees will help you keep up with, or ahead of, inflation. The result? You can thrive, prosper, even flourish during your retirement.

It will help you stay current with changes in the financial world. Except in this case, you’ll be on the leading edge of the financial world.

And Crypto Retirees will help you keep up with your kids and grandkids! You’ll be able to hold your own in conversations about crypto.

I’ll discuss money and inflation. I’ll cover blockchains and smart contracts.

You’ll learn about what it means to unbank yourself. You’ll also learn what decentralized finance (DeFi) is, and how it’s different from centralized finance (CeFi) and traditional finance and banking (TradFi). That’s the one you and I grew up with and have used for decades.

I’ll cover the ways that cryptocurrency coins and tokens come into existence. You’ll also learn what HODL means, and how it differs from trading and speculating in crypto.

I’ll talk about how you can earn rewards (what you and I know as interest) on crypto holdings. And I’ll cover many of the other ways you can earn cryptocurrency.

I’ll discuss how you can collect bonuses from some of the rewards platforms. These bonuses can give your return on investment a significant boost right out of the gate.

And I’ll cover how to make investing in crypto almost risk-free compared to what you can earn.

If you’re ready to flourish during retirement, dig in. Click on any link on this page to start, or head to the menu at the top of the page and start with Learn.

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